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VMware VSphere Remote Office Branch Office Enterprise - (v. 7) - Upgrade License - 25 VMs - Upgrade From Standard - VPP - Level 4 (1750+) - VS7-RBSTD-ENT25-UG-C-L4

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  • Secure data with encryption
    vSphere ROBO Enterprise secures data at remote locations through its unique VM-level Encryption capability designed to give users a greater degree of control to protect data against unauthorized access. Since encryption occurs at a hypervisor level, it is VM agnostic i.e. works with any VM and guest-OS. It is a great tool to ensure consistent security across thousands of remote locations.
  • Efficient server maintenance
    vSphere ROBO makes it easier to perform maintenance on remote hosts with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) in Maintenance Mode. It automatically moves VMs out of a server when server goes offline for maintenance and brings the VMs back to server after maintenance. The maintenance can be done remotely from a central IT location.
  • Rapid deployment and provisioning
    Host profiles, which store configuration settings shared by vSphere hosts, can be attached to one or more vSphere hosts or clusters. The host configuration is compared to the host profile and any deviations are reported so configuration drift can be corrected automatically. Administrators can create a profile once and then use it in conjunction with Auto Deploy to rapidly deploy and provision multiple vSphere hosts, eliminating the need for specialized scripts or manual configuration.

Many organizations have remote offices and branch offices (ROBO) with a few servers running a few workloads. IT support for these offices has special challenges with a lack of local IT staff, inconsistent host configurations, limited budget and limited space. With vSphere ROBO you are able to manage your remote offices and branch offices with little or no local IT staff. Enable rapid provisioning of servers through virtualization, minimization of host configuration drift and enhanced visibility into regulatory compliance, across multiple sites.

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