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Internal Hard Drives

The venerable hard drive is still one of the workhorses of general computing, and Western Digital are experts at producing hard drives for all needs!  Western Digital provides several different lines of hard drives, color-coded to make it easy to select the right one for you:

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  • Blue:  Western Digital Blue is their entry-level line.  These are solid hard drives designed for general-purpose computing and business use, at a low price for those who do not need high performance systems.  The Blue line includes both desktop and laptop drives, ranging from 500GB to 6TB. 
  • Black:  A step up from Blue, Western Digital Black is their performance line of home and SMB drives.  These are perfect for more intensive business use, or for those who want to build a PC equally capable of business and gaming.  The Black line also includes both desktop and laptop options, from 500GB to 6TB.
  • Gold:  Western Digital Gold drives are explicitly designed for demanding Enterprise-grade business applications.  They're built for  24/7/365 use, if needed, and some models include Western Digital's own HelioSeal system - utilizing a helium atmosphere to improve performance and storage capacity - up to 12TB.
  • Purple:  Western Digital Purple drives are specifically designed for use in surveillance systems.  They can take a pounding - up to 180TB transferred per year - and have onboard hardware to support simultaneous write functions from up to 64 cameras.  Purple drives offer 1TB to 10TB in storage.
  • Red:  Western Digital Red drives are custom-built for Network Attached Storage systems.  They're rated for intensive 24/7/365 use, while utilizing innovative systems to reduce power usage and heat buildup.  With 10TB of storage and the potential to slot into 8-bay NAS arrays, you get a lot of storage for your money!

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