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Windows 10 Enterprise - Upgrade License Buy-out Fee - 1 License - Platform - Open Value Subscription - All Languages - KV3-00254

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$105.00 $97.98
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  • Credential Guard
    Credential Guard uses hardware to isolate Windows authentication services (LSA) and user's derived credentials using virtualization based security and Hyper-V. This isolation helps prevent Pass the Hash attacks, which enable attackers to steal identities and impersonate network users.
  • Device Guard
    Device Guard puts you in control of your environment with rigorous access controls that help prevent malware, untrusted apps and executables from running on devices.
  • Secure Boot
    Windows 10 closes off the pathways that allow malware to hide from the OS by starting first. Using hardware-based virtualization, key processes are also isolated from the system so they cannot be tampered with.
  • Enterprise Data Protection
    Enterprise Data Protection with Windows 10 makes it easier to perform data separation and containment of corporate data - wherever it might be. Windows does not require containers. Windows acts as an access control broker that gates user and app access to protected data based on the policies that you define.
  • Start menu
    The Start menu is back and better than ever. Windows 10 is friendly and familiar. You will feel like an expert from the get-go.
  • Continuum
    Windows enables your apps and content to display beautifully in all modes, whether using desktop or tablet mode, touch or type, or even as you transition from one to another, keeping you productive.
  • Domain Join and Group Policy
    Windows Enterprise features the tried-and-true client-server technologies that have helped businesses manage and secure their technology for years.
  • Granular UX control
    Granular UX control empowers IT, using device management policies, to customize and lock down the Windows device user experience for task-workers, kiosks, and IoT functions, so only a specific task can be performed.

Security is more important than ever, and businesses need to enable their mobile workforce to be productive anytime, anywhere. With Windows 10, it is bringing the entire family of experiences together on one platform from headless IoT devices to the phone, to tablets, PCs, up to the amazing Surface Hub and beyond into the world of holograms. With one platform, organizations can build universal apps that span across all Windows devices, while having one management paradigm and security model, saving costs and reducing IT complexity.

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