Wireless DECT Headsets

dect headsets
Sennheiser Wireless DECT Headsets

The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard is one of the most commonly-used cordless phone technologies in the world, used in millions of devices to provide reliable cordless connections even in situations such as offices where a large number of devices in are in use.  DECT also makes it simple to mix-and-match equipment based on the standard.  

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If your office uses DECT-based equipment and you're looking for the best possible telephony experience for your workforce, Sennheiser makes it simple to upgrade.  Their line of fully DECT-compatible wireless headsets are designed to provide maximum comfort and audio quality to users who may be using the headsets all day, every day they come in to work.  

As world leaders in audio innovation, Sennheiser is perfectly positioned to make this a reality.  They have decades of experience at the very top of the audio industry, creating equipment used by recording professionals globally.  Their combination of exceptional build quality, top-tier technology, and supreme comfort has made them the go to choice for millions of audio pros... and now that same magic formula is available for your office, to boost the productivity of your own phone-based workforce.

Sennheiser DECT wireless phones feature a wide range of features which put them head and shoulders above the competition, including:

  • Ergonomic designs intended to be worn comfortably for long periods without chafing or pinching.
  • Single- or dual-earpieces, outfitted with soft leatherette or foam for superior comfort.
  • Top-grade microphones, including integrated noise cancellation for perfect voice reproduction without interference from background noise.
  • Fast-charging technologies that allow a headset to run all day, with charge times often only requiring a half hour or less.  
  • Wide compatibility with existing Unified Communications systems, Skype, and other common VoIP systems.
  • ActiveGuard sound monitoring, which eliminates sudden sharp increases in volume which could damage the user's hearing.
  • RoomExperience spacialization, moving sounds away from the ear and to more natural-sounding spaces seemingly a few feet away.

Sennheiser truly is at the top of audio equipment, and their line of DECT wireless business headsets are no exception.  To upgrade your office to headsets your workers will love to use, contact Hummingbird Networks today.