Xerox Color Ink Cartridges


Xerox develops inkjet and all-in-one printers that are designed to make your day easier. Their ease of use, paired with their unparalleled security makes them the perfect companion for your workspace. Coming in a variety of sizes and for a variety of use cases, Xerox has the perfect machine to meet your goals.

Using genuine Xerox ink for you printers is the only way to make sure that your device runs optimally throughout its lifetime. Using genuine Xerox ink will increase the productivity of your team, because there will be no mistakes or smudged with printing. Using non-genuine Xerox ink can damage your device and create a lasting effect on your printer. Xerox printers with Xerox ink will make your print jobs stand out. With high-quality images, clear and easy to ready text, and color that pops, Xerox is a great workplace companion. Their ink is made specifically for their devices, to ensure proper use and to make sure you get the most out of each product together.

Xerox toner and ink cartridges are designed to work seamlessly with Xerox printers. Xerox ink cartridges are made to work specifically with Xerox inkjet printers. Xerox ink cartridges are solid ink. Made of a non-toxic, resin-based polymer Xerox ink cartridges are much easier to handle and replace, as they cannot spill. Xerox colored ink cartridges are also color-coordinated and specially shaped so they can only be inserted into the correct slot.

Xerox ink creates a bold color on the document, producing readable text and clearly rendered images. Print jobs are done consistently, without any of the ink running, smudging, or bleeding. Xerox ink is long-lasting and vibrant.

Due to their solid nature, Xerox ink cartridges are environmentally friendly, as they don’t need to be packaged in a plastic shell. This means that Xerox ink generates up to 90% less waste, reducing the overall environmental impact.

Xerox is a pioneer within the digital imaging solution space. Their printers and imaging device are used in businesses around the globe. From small businesses to large enterprises, to single-person setups, Xerox has a device to meet your current and future needs. Make sure to only use Xerox genuine ink with your Xerox machine to continue its optimal use and extend its life. Upgrade your workspace with Xerox today.