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yealink T4 series

The Yealink T4 series of SIP desk phones is robust and varied, with a product suitable for nearly every employee in your office from the ground level to the C-level. In all cases, you're getting well-built and highly-affordable VoIP equipment which makes for an excellent investment. Yealink T4 Series

At the top of the line, there is the T49G - one of the most affordable videophones currently available on the market. With a beautiful 8" full-color touchscreen and full-HD 1080p camera, this is a desk phone that could easily go into anyone's office while providing the best in video call support. WiFi compatibility means it doesn't even have to be wired to the network directly.

All models in the line feature bright, easily-readable screens with either color or grayscale displays. HD quality voice with smart bandwidth adjustments provide crystal-clear sound quality at all times, which your customers and partners will appreciate with every call. All T4 series phones are designed to be exceptionally easy to provision, with either local or remote setup, and robust inter-operability with other phones and in-house SIP systems.

XML browser support makes it easy to expand their functionality further with a variety of apps or custom-programmed features. PoE power support allows you to minimize your wiring usage, keeping floors free from hazards.

When you're looking to outfit a full office - or more - few brands offer a better combination of value-for-money and high-powered features than Yealink. Their excellent build quality, sleek looks, and simple usability make them a great investment which any workforce will appreciate, while still keeping your upgrade and deployment costs to a minimum.

To learn more about the advantages of Yealink SIP telephony systems, feel free to browse our full product catalog, or simply contact Hummingbird Networks directly for a full consultation on your VoIP options.

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