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yealink T5 series VoIP phones

For executive-level offices in need of the best in next-generation VoIP and video phone technology, the Yealink T5 series delivers with phones that combine stunning looks with robust feature sets, yet remain reasonably priced. A Yealink T5 phone would look superb on any desk, without becoming an expense one has to justify to the shareholders. The Yealink T5 series exclusively features full-color backlit screens, attached to high-powered hardware running on Linux or Android operating systems.

T5 VoIP desk phones are remarkably simple to use, while filled with a range of useful applications and widgets that improve productivity every time one lifts the receiver. At the top of the line is the spectacular T58V, a full-featured videophone including a 7" touch screen and high-resolution front-facing camera with 30FPS frame rate capacity. Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi support keep it compatible with every accessory in the office, while the unparalleled sound quality will blow away most other VoIP products on the market. The audio-only T5-series Yealink phones are equally robust, designed for the needs of busy executives with simplified menu systems and intelligent smart dialing features.

Users can find information within the phone system at a glance, on big displays that guarantee a great user experience. All T5 series phones feature call-recording capabilities directly to USB drives, with no extra software required.

Striking a true balance between simplicity and sophistication, the Yealink T5 line is an excellent buy for C-levels that want the best in modern VoIP and video hardware. Click on to read more about specific products, or just contact Hummingbird Networks directly to learn more about the advantages of Yealink SIP desk phones.

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