VC110 Video Conferencing System


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yealink vc110

Designed as an entry-level point-to-point videoconferencing option for small-to-medium sized operations, the Yealink VC110 is powerful for its low price point. Businesses interested in deploying video systems within their operations, but concerned about the price, could find the solution they need with the VC110. VC110

The VC110 allows users to get up and going with a bare minimum of configuration. The VC110 unit attaches directly to your computer or other display, and is configured\controlled through software. All wiring and codecs adhere to industry standards, so setup generally takes five minutes or less. Smart systems handle most configuration, including firewall bypass. The VC110 also includes smart bandwidth management built-in, allowing it to deliver superior audio and video even in fluctuating network conditions.

That commitment to industry standards means the VC110 has exceptional interoperability. It can place and receive calls with many other devices, including other brands. Yealink also supplies free iOS and Android mobile apps for smart-device calling. This can add considerable value to Yealink videoconferencing systems, when many in the workforce can participate in calls with no additional hardware needed. Further, Yealink does not sell separate licenses for product features - everything is unlocked out-of-the-box.

The video camera itself is exceptionally high-quality for the price point, capable of 1080p resolutions and 30FPS transmission, along with pan-zoom-tilt features including 4X digital zoom. The built-in microphone delivers crystal-clear audio pickup, or can be supplemented with an optional wireless micpod to place the mic wherever it's most needed.

There are few other packages on the market which offer true enterprise-grade videoconferencing at such a reasonable price or with easier setup. If your business is interested in embracing video systems, contact Hummingbird Networks today to discuss your options in Yealink videoconferencing.