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The Yealink VC120 is a superior all-around videoconferencing system, capable of making point-to-point calls out of the box to a wide variety of video endpoints, while also integrating seamlessly with the Yealink VC400 for high-quality multiparty video calls. The VC120 is a high-powered yet affordable solution for bringing video conferencing to a wide range of offices and locations. VC120

The VC120 package includes everything needed to set up a single video endpoint. The included camera features 1080p resolutions at 30FPS, full PZT capabilities and a 70-degree field of view. Dual-stream support, coupled with low-bandwidth H.264 codecs, allows it to maintain high resolution and framerates throughout calls. A second camera, sold separately, can be added to the package. The included microphone has 360-degree audio pickup along with CD-quality audio transmission, with the option to add array microphones. The base unit phone is simple to use, and a remote control makes it simple to control the video and camera once a call has begun.

Additionally, two variations on the VC120 are available, depending on whether one wants 12X or 18X optical zoom.

Ease of use is one of the hallmarks of Yealink videoconferencing, with products that approach true plug-and-play levels of simplicity. Software automation handles nearly all configuration, including Intelligent Firewall Traversal for firewall setup. In many cases, the VC120 can be set up and working in under ten minutes, making it an excellent option for offices without highly technical staff.

The VC120 is also designed for superior interoperability. Its reliance on standard video and audio types means it can place and receive calls to a wide variety of devices, including those not made by Yealink. Users can also download free mobile apps for iOS and Android which allow smart-device calling without the need for any additional hardware.

Adding to the overall value is Yealink's "no licenses" policy. All features are unlocked out-of-the-box, with no need to pay extra.

Few videoconferencing systems on the market offer the same range of features and hardware quality at such reasonable prices as Yealink. Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about Yealink videoconferencing solutions.

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