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The Yealink VC400 is an excellent solution for businesses looking to implement high-grade high-resolution videoconferencing without requiring a large budget.  VC400

The VC400 is the top-line model in Yealink's VC series of videoconferencing phones, designed specifically to reside in the office and coordinate multi-party video calls. The VC400 can support up to 4-party calls at 1080p resolutions, or 8-party calls at 720p. Thanks to Yealink's superior commitment to interoperability, the call endpoints can be Yealink devices, other brands of videophone, or even smartphones and tablets via free mobile apps.

With the VC400 as your hub, a wide range of devices can be tied together for videoconferencing. The VC400 uses industry-standard low-bandwidth video and audio codecs specifically to make it easy to utilize multiple device types throughout your organization.

The VC400 package has everything needed to get started quickly. The PTZ camera supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 at 30FPS, along with 18X optical zoom. The microphone has 360-degree pickups and CD-quality sound support. A simple phone unit and remote control make controlling videoconferences easy. Because the VC400 uses few proprietary wires and connectors, it's easy to set up using standard cable types like HDMI.

In addition, Yealink does not charge licensing fees for extra features - everything works straight out of the box. This includes features which many other brands charge extra for, including live picture adjustment, multi-monitor support, and live video\audio recording straight to USB thumb drive. These make Yealink a highly attractive option, particularly for businesses which may otherwise consider videoconferencing too costly to justify the price of implementation.

Few other options on the market match Yealink for price and features, coupled with sleek hardware that can withstand years of use. Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about the benefits of Yealink videoconferencing in your business.

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