Yealink Cordless DECT IP Phone

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Businesses looking for an affordable and robust solution for SIP or DECT wireless phones have a new option in Yealink. As one of the world's top vendors of SIP technologies, they have years of experience in creating superior handsets backed by a truly global user base.

Their SIP and DECT phones feature slim, attractive designs along with high-quality bright displays that make usability easy in a wide range of conditions. These phones have superior battery life, capable of lasting all day - and then some. Because Yealink places a high priority on interoperability, they are explicitly designed to be simple to set up, integrating seamlessly with your existing phone system with little or no additional configuration needed. All standard call features are supported, and easy to activate thanks to Yealink's expertise in user interfaces.

There are two primary product lines, each available as SIP or DECT models as needed:

W52: The entry level model. The W52 features a 1.8" bright backlit screen, and 10 hours talk time (100 hours standby) on a single charge. The SIP model can support up to five handsets, or five VoIP accounts, on a single base station.

W56: Designed for power workers on the go, the W56 has a crisp 2.4" VGA-quality screen, along with 30 hours of talk time (400 hours standby) with quick-charging features for all the battery life they could need. It also supports up to four simultaneous calls per handset, as well as five handsets per base station.

When a business embraces Yealink voice systems, they're getting a superior bargain put together by one of the world's leaders in cordless and SIP telephony. To learn more about how affordable Yealink telephony systems can be, just contact Hummingbird Networks today.