Z1cisco meraki z1 Z1 - Meraki Firewall


*** THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED ***  Replaced with the Meraki Z3

Z1 Licenses are still available HERE


The Cisco Meraki Z1 is a truly unique device, designed to allow important tele-workers to connect seamlessly and smoothly into your existing Meraki network from anywhere, even their own homes, while still enjoying all the security and benefits of the Meraki cloud system.

Z1The Meraki Z1 cloud networking appliance combines both wired and WiFi features to bring a full range of connectivity options to remote workers.  It includes an onboard 802.11n WiFi access point, with 600Mbps speeds, along with a stateful inspection firewall capable of segregating business \ personal usage.  It also has a Gigabit uplink port, plus four Gigabit LAN ports, and a USB port for 3G/4G failover connectivity.

The Z1 firewall and access point still brings all the security of your Merkai system, bringing home workers all the protections that they -and you- need for successful business networking.

While intended primarily for home-office use, the Z1 can support several users at once, so it can also be deployed in small remote-branch applications as well.  It would be effective as a portable device for trade show connectivity or POS kiosks.

Read the Z1 Datasheet for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today to discuss how Meraki Z1cloud networking appliances can enhance your business network.