Aruba 2930M Series Switches

aruba 2930m

For companies wanting a modular, stackable, easily-expandable backbone switch capable of handling vast networks while remaining simple to administer, the Aruba 2930M is a solid choice which delivers surprising ROI for its price.  

The 2930M -M for Modular- is an upgrade to the older 2930F ("fixed") switch, bringing a large number of enhancements requested by users.  One of the most prominent upgrades is support for physical stacking of up to ten units, allowing simple pay-as-you-go expansion whenever you need more bandwidth on your network.  

However, that's not the only thing that's modular.  The 2930M also supports modular dual-fans, internally redundant power supplies, and modular uplinks as well.  Further, uplink support has been greatly expanded compared to the older 2930F.  The 2930M features support for 40Gb connections, via QSFP+ ports.  Through those ports, you also get 1440W of PoE+ power. 

40Gb x 10 stacked switches would bring you an incredible amount of power and resilience for your network, as well as room to grow into a truly global-scale operation.

That power and scalability does not come at any cost to usability, however.  Aruba is one of the industry leaders in creating high-powered global-grade networking hardware which always remains easy to deploy, configure, and oversee.  Aruba offers an easy to use cloud-based graphical user interface that gives you instant visibility into your network at all levels, from individual users to large-scale trends.  When it's time to upgrade, the 2930M includes support for zero-touch provisioning, making it simple to take an established security or configuration profile and apply it across many devices at once.

In terms of price vs performance, the Aruba 2930M is an exceptional value.  It's a solid switch out of the box, and offers superior options for modular expansion as time goes on.  To learn more, just contact Hummingbird Networks.