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Whether your business is large or small, one thing is certain: you need the best possible network security, because otherwise you will be at the mercy of cyber-criminals around the world.  No one can keep your business safe except your own security team, and that means making smart investments into security appliances and other hardware which will protect your data, your employees, and your customers at all times.

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This is precisely what Fortinet offers with their lineup of firewalls, security appliances, and WiFi access points.  Fortinet is an industry-leader in smart hardware-based system security, with cutting-edge next generation firewalls and all-in-one self-protecting APs.  By focusing on onboard hardware, Fortinet is able to offer top-grade security systems which don't become bottlenecks, even under high loads.

Their flagship product is the FortiGate line of next gen firewalls, engineered from the ground up for speed and accuracy in assessing threats.  With options at all speed and price points, there's a FortiGate firewall appropriate for businesses of all sizes.  For smaller businesses looking for multi-functionality, Fortinet offers their FortiWiFi series which combines both wired and WiFi security into easy-to-administer single boxes.

They also offer a full line of wireless access points, with options for 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2.  These include onboard security systems, with the highlight being their Smart Access Point series.  Fortinet Smart Access Points integrate full firewall and malware detection capabilities directly into the AP hardware, making them perfect all-in-one connectivity and security solutions for customer-facing facilities, offices, hospitality businesses, or remote points-of-sale.

Fortinet products are also designed to work together seamlessly.  Fortinet APs can be controlled by FortiGate appliances, and all Fortinet products work together in unison to create seamless security fabrics that stretch from end-to-end across your entire network.

Fortinet has a lot to offer to security-minded businesses - and these days, all businesses should be security-minded.  For a full consultation on your options in Fortinet security products, just contact Hummingbird.

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