Managing security to protect users and their data is not only essential, but can also be extremely challenging for IT administrators and end users alike Hummingbird Networks is a fully-authorized Cisco partner. We can provide both hardware and licenses, while handling installation and after-sale support - and with superior prices as well.

No matter the vulnerability, we are constantly innovating to help protect your users’ data and devices, no matter the location, the network, or the application. Our powerful defense features give you complete peace of mind and let you focus on what matters most. Explore our full lineup below.

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Meraki's Cloud Solution

Meraki’s cloud based management provides centralized visibility & control over Meraki’s wired & wireless networking hardware, without the cost and complexity of wireless controllers or overlay management systems. Integrated with Meraki’s entire product portfolio, cloud management provides feature rich, scalable, and intuitive centralized management for networks of any size

Meraki’s hardware products are built from the ground up for cloud management. As a result, they come out of the box with centralized control, layer 7 device and application visibility, real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much more.

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With the Cisco Meraki line of networking products, you can move your entire networking operations onto the Cloud, utilizing an architecture built for scale, flexibility, and pure ease-of-use.  At Hummingbird Networks, we strive to deliver the best Cisco Meraki pricing and selection. If you don't see what you're looking for or have any questions please reach out to us. 

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Meraki was founded by ex-MIT engineers who pioneered the first true cloud networking architectures, with the express intent of making cloud computing available to anyone.  Their acquisition by Cisco allowed their brand and their revolutionary new networking approach to go global.  Meraki cloud systems are now trusted by more than 20,000 companies worldwide, with deployments ranging from tiny offices to huge multinational enterprise networks.

Meraki can be a one-stop shop for all your networking needs, including:

They offer true add-as-you-grow functionality.  Every AP and other internet security appliance is self-contained and requires no other hardware. such as a physical security appliance, to function.  Management is handled entirely through the web-based Meraki dashboard, a simple GUI that gives administrators full control over the entire system, without requiring extensive training or expertise.

Meraki also provides many functions traditionally associated with IT management directly through their own systems.  The cloud-based network automatically provides redundancy, optimization, provisioning, and firmware updates on their side.  These can be accomplished with almost no need for administrator input.  Meraki Cloud monitoring provides 24x7 alerts for any hardware issue, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and they boast true four-nines (99.99%) uptime.  That's less than one hour of downtime every year, guaranteed by service contracts.

In short, they create a network that simply works.  

To learn more about the many advantages of Cisco Meraki products for networking, browse our inventory line or sign up for a free trial of any of their products. 

Reliable & Secure Networking with Meraki


Meraki, a leader in cloud-managed networking, offers cutting-edge solutions to achieve reliable and secure networking for businesses of all sizes. Meraki's comprehensive suite of products simplifies network management, enhances productivity, and ensures seamless connectivity. Whether you need network switches, wireless access points, security appliances, or network management tools, Meraki has the perfect solution to meet your networking requirements.


The Benefits of Meraki Cloud-Managed Networking


Meraki's cloud-managed networking brings a host of benefits to your organization. By leveraging the power of the cloud, Meraki enables centralized network management from anywhere, providing real-time visibility and control over your network infrastructure. With its intuitive dashboard, you can effortlessly monitor, configure, and troubleshoot your network devices, saving time and resources. Embrace the scalability, flexibility, and ease of deployment that Meraki's cloud-managed networking offers.


Meraki's for Businesses


Meraki empowers businesses with its robust network solutions. With its advanced features and reliable performance, Meraki ensures that your network infrastructure operates smoothly, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across your organization. Meraki's products are designed to handle the demands of modern businesses, offering high-speed connectivity, robust security, and easy scalability. Experience the power and reliability of Meraki's network solutions and propel your business forward.


Meraki Innovative Network Solutions


Meraki's innovative network solutions provide the tools you need to transform your network infrastructure. From wireless access points that deliver fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage to security appliances that protect your network against threats, Meraki offers a comprehensive portfolio of products. With features like automatic updates, intelligent traffic shaping, and application visibility and control, Meraki enables you to optimize network performance, enhance user experience, and adapt to evolving business needs.


Network Management Efficiency 


Meraki network solutions offer a simplified approach to network management, allowing businesses to maximize efficiency and streamline operations. With Meraki's intuitive dashboard and cloud-based management platform, IT administrators can easily monitor, configure, and troubleshoot their network devices from anywhere. This simplified network management eliminates the complexity and time-consuming tasks associated with traditional networking, freeing up valuable resources and enabling teams to focus on core business objectives. Experience the power of simplified network management with Meraki.


Meraki's user-friendly networking tools are designed to boost productivity and simplify network management. With Meraki's intuitive dashboard and centralized management platform, you can easily monitor network performance, configure settings, and troubleshoot issues. The user-friendly interface empowers IT administrators to manage their network infrastructure, saving time and resources efficiently. With Meraki's networking tools, you can focus on driving business growth while enjoying streamlined network management.


Meraki offers reliable, secure, and innovative network solutions that empower businesses to achieve seamless connectivity, enhance productivity, and transform their network infrastructure. With Meraki's cloud-managed networking, you can centrally manage and monitor your network while enjoying the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and user-friendly tools. Upgrade your network with Meraki's robust products and experience the power of reliable and secure networking.