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Meraki Security Appliance

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Z3               (Teleworker, 802.11ac Wireless)
Z3C             (Teleworker 802.11 ac LTE Cellular)
MX64          (Small Branch)
MX64W       (Small Branch With Wireless)
MX65          (Small Branch - EOL)


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MX65W   (Small Branch With 802.11ac Wireless)
MX67      (Small Branch)
MX67W   (Small Branch with Wireless)

MX67C    (Small Branch with Cellular)
MX68      (Small Branch)
MX68W   (Small Branch with Wireless)
MX68CW (Small Branch with Wireless & Cellular)
MX80      (Medium Branch Up to 100 Users)
MX84      (Medium Branch Up to 200 Users)

MX100    (Medium Branch Up to 500 Users)
MX250    (Large Branch, 4 Gbps Throughput)

MX450    (Large Branch or Campus, Datacenter, 6 Gbps Throughput)
vMX100  (Virtual Firewall)

A Cisco Meraki firewall will help round out your fully cloud based Meraki network with powerful hardware designed to keep your network safe, no 

Meraki Firewallmatter how large it grows. The MX series of each Meraki firewall are simple to deploy and configure, while bringing state-of-the-art traffic management to your administrator's fingertips.

Every Meraki security appliance includes a range of features:

  • Layer 7 aware stateful inspection firewall
  • Per-application firewall/bandwidth settings
  • Content and search filtering
  • Web caching
  • Intelligent WAN management
  • SNORT-based intrusion detection and prevention
  • 4G Wireless failover services

Additionally, two entries in the line: the MX64W and the Z1 include a full-featured WiFi Access Point, for all-in-one service.  We also carry a full line of compatible DACs and SFP transceivers, to tailor the hardware to your network.

Like all Meraki networking products, these are managed through the cloud-based Meraki Dashboard, for unparalleled ease-of-use.  They connect effortlessly into a seamless mesh with your other Meraki hardware, forming a self-policing, self-healing network fabric which can scale alongside your business.  Meraki cloud services licenses can be purchased in increments of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 years for future-focused network development.

From small offices that need serious security, to the largest of distributed enterprise WANs, Cisco Meraki firewalls are an invaluable addition to your Meraki network.

The MX line of Firewalls also has a full line of Meraki MX accessories.  Inquire for more details.

Download the Meraki MX datasheet for full product details.  Or, to learn more about the revolutionary benefits of Meraki cloud based networking, contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free trial.