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The Meraki MX250 security appliance fills a gap in the Meraki MX lineup, presenting a cloud-based firewall aimed at medium-to-large scale organizations in need of significant high-speed firewall services, but without as many users as a large campus.  

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The MX250 supports up to 2,000 concurrent users but unlike other firewalls in its range, has a throughput of 4Gbps along with 1Gbps of VPN connections - giving it the speed necessary to keep up with a data-hungry network and its workforce.  This is backed up by two ten-gigabit SFP+ uplinks, along with a robust variety of LAN connections:  eight SFP+ ports, eight standard SFP ports, and eight Gigabit Ethernet ports.  This variety of interfaces allows the MX250 to have superior flexibility in deployment and usage scenarios, and makes it a compelling purchase for many business types. 

This firewall brings a rich assortment of tools and security features, beyond standard stateful inspection.  "Layer 7" controls allow app-level policies and permissions, with monitoring of app and user behavior to watch for security issues.  It also supports a robust intrusion detection and prevention system, along with hosting automatic onboard malware protections. (With Advanced Security License.)

The Meraki MX250 enhances an existing Meraki network.  Administration of the MX250 is consolidated into the Meraki Dashboard, a single-pane-of-glass control panel that gives total oversight and control of all attached Meraki devices.  It brings all the power and control an administrator would expect from a CLI-based interface, but with one of the easiest GUIs on the market.  Plus, as with all Meraki devices, updates are entirely automatic and nearly instantaneous once an update goes live.

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