Wireless Headsets

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Choosing the best headset for your budget and use case might appear difficult with so many choices available. Whether you are using wireless headphones while working, gaming, running, talking on the phone, or consuming content, a great wireless headset is necessary.

Most wireless headphones use Bluetooth, a technology that digitally encodes audio and transmits sound wirelessly over short distances. Bluetooth is a popular format because it is highly reliable, and most new smartphones and laptops have built-in Bluetooth functionality — syncing with Bluetooth-enabled headphones is quick and easy.

Main Features:

  • Convenience: Wireless headsets allow you to enjoy your audio without necessarily being tethered to your device. With the latest headphones, you can listen to your audio from as far as 33ft via Bluetooth without compromising audio quality.
  • No Tangling: Wireless headsets save you the stress of untangling your headphones every time, as they do not come with cables.
  • Portability: Typically, lightweight, small, and highly portable.
  • Compatibility: With more companies making smart and Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can use your wireless headsets with any device with the latest technologies.

We carry wireless headsets from top brands like EPOS, Lenovo, Logitech, Mitel, Poly and Sennheiser. They have features such as noise cancellation and noise isolation, to stay focused. Think of it as a personal portal to quiet amidst a sea of otherwise distracting noise. Same workspace, but with a sound experience that you control.

Whether you crave high-energy tunes to juice up your workout, listening at home or work, an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, or just a great-looking, great-sounding accessory to express your personal style, you will find headphones that fit your needs

Hummingbird Networks stocks numerous headsets to suit your lifestyle and taste. Contact us today for more information about our products.