Fast Ethernet Switch

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A 10/100 fast Ethernet switch can be the budget-conscious option for smaller business that needs to implement a network today which can be improved in the future. By building a foundation of last-generation equipment, a small firm with a small budget can still see the benefits of a unified networking system powered by great brands such as Cisco, Meraki, ADTRAN, NETGEAR, and HP.  

These systems, once installed, can then grow with you in the years to come.  Fast Ethernet switches can still handle a reasonable amount of VoIP traffic and low-impact virtualized applications.

Alternatively, a Fast Ethernet (or also known as a 10/100 switch) is also a good choice for secondary or tertiary role equipment that simply needs to work: such as backup systems or individual office-level deployments.  

Be sure to download our guide or reach out to us if you have any questions regarding ethernet switch fundamentals.