Desktop Thermal Printers

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Instead of inks or toners, thermal printers use heated elements to activate or transfer printed text or images. A thermal printer can use either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing technology to produce high-quality output that holds up better to wear, tear, and environmental elements.

Thermal printers are great for producing durable labels and receipts at high speeds. They can also print other documents more reliably than inkjet printers and boast other benefits that make them your best bet for plenty of printing uses.

Benefits of Thermal Printing:

  • Low cost of ownership – no ink or toner means your cost per page does not change
  • Reliability – fewer moving parts means fewer components that can break
  • Speed – starts printing almost immediately without warmup or cartridge cleaning
  • Versatile – print in almost any environment and orientation without worrying about shaking, freezing, or spilling your ink or toner
  • Print quality
  • Less maintenance – no ink or toner means no scheduled maintenance parts
  • Ease of use

We carry a full line of desktop thermal printers from Brother, and we have a variety of options of each to meet your needs.

Brother desktop thermal printers produce highly durable, archive-quality labels that are resistant to wear and fade – whether you need a few or up to 500 labels per day. Count on simple software compatibility, a full suite of integration tools, and versatile connectivity options. With a footprint up to 25% smaller than competitive printers and available rechargeable battery packs, Brother desktop thermal printers can convert easily into mobile print stations

You will get everything done with one streamlined device, helping save space and money in the process. To learn more about Desktop Thermal Printers, click through to the printer buying guide page or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for information.