Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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best ethernet switch With the best Gigabit Ethernet switch systems, you can easily implement any combination of VoIP, video conferencing, voice/data convergence, and cloud applications without slowing down your workforce.   This has become the current standard for businesses that need a serious global-class network, without paying a premium for cutting-edge hardware.

Since Gigabit Ethernet is backwards compatible, it can work alongside any existing network equipment you own.  This makes it simple to do a phased deployment, if needed, replacing equipment as needed until the entire system is based on Gigabit speeds.

Gigabit is also a great bedrock foundation for virtualized networks, vWLANs, and other applications that require a robust network backbone to ensure continuity of service.  You'll have plenty of overhead to host your virtualized systems, without getting in the way of everyday business usage.

The market for Gigabit has exploded recently, and there is currently a huge range of options for every business.   Hummingbird Networks stocks a full line of top-grade Gigabit Ethernet gear from the top brands in the business, including Cisco, Meraki, ADTRAN, NETGEAR, and HP.

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