Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom) is a global industry pioneer offering headsets, video and audio conferencing, desk phones, analytics software and services

Poly phone solutions are designed to be simple to deploy, manage, and use while still providing industry-leading service. Poly phones integrate custom hardware and software features to bring the clearest VoIP phone quality in the industry. Their proprietary processing systems minimize lag, echo, and distortion, with built-in background noise suppression whether you're on handset, headset, or speaker phone.

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Focus Without Noise.

Ensure surrounding conversations and noises aren’t heard on the other end of the call. Poly noise cancelling microphones block out noise and optimize the call clarity, so virtually all that is heard is your voice – loud and clear.

Corded or Wireless? Mono or Stereo? Headset or no? One size does not fit all. That is why Poly creates a wide variety of headsets to gives users the perfect device for their work style. Poly’s phone solutions enable your team to deliver the highest quality communications experience for you, your people, and your customers.

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