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A new alternative in the world of easy-to-use WiFi and networking solutions, Ubiquiti offers a full range of controller-less access points, switches, security products, phones, and surveillance cameras which are packed full of features, but with surprisingly affordable price points.

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The heart of Ubiquiti product offerings are their many options in WiFi access points, most offering 802.11ac and faster functionality and easy integration into high-density wireless environments.  Proprietary bandwidth-monitoring technology allows their access points to cancel out competing RF signals, reducing interference and increasing connection reliability.  Most utilize MU-MIMO multi-broadcast technology to allow multiple simultaneous connections and improve end user speeds.  Their product line is enhanced with the inclusion of switches and security gateways, necessary to ensure secure protection and access on modern networks.  Like the WiFi APs, these products are simple to use and set up.  They can be an excellent choice for organizations lacking specific IT expertise.

All Ubiquiti products are tied together with their single-pane-of-glass dashboard system, which gives a complete overview of an entire Ubiquiti network regardless of size or location.  Accessible either locally or online, their software controller simplifies all aspects of management.  Innovative features such as a live heatmap allow admins superior oversight of real-world utility, not merely usage statistics.

Rounding out the product line are their Gateway, IP phone, and security camera systems, allowing them to be a true end-to-end provider of all the IP connectivity and appliances an enterprise could need.

Hummingbird Networks now carries a full line of Ubiquiti products.  Read on for further information on their product lines, or contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more!

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