About Us

Founded in 2004 Hummingbird Networks set out with one goal in mind: To help you create a network you will love by providing consistent, next-day delivery of the best-in-class new and certified refurbished networking equipment. Today, we have greatly broadened our product and service offerings while still remaining true that same philosophy. We collaborate with organizations of all sizes in all public and private sector fields.

At Hummingbird, we have elite partnerships with a number of manufacturers including:

Let’s face it anyone can sell you networking equipment, but that’s not what we are here for. Our experts will tailor a solution designed specifically for your network infrastructure with all of the hardware, licensing, financing, warranty and installation services you need. Meet the team that will go to bat for you.

Birds of a feather flock together

Meet the team

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Jeremiah is our in house fitness and comic book extraordinaire. He has a black belt in keeping it real and isn't afraid to use it.


Account Manager

Ask him anything about DC, Marvel, or comic books. He will know the answer- we guarantee it.

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Trained in the Jedi arts, John is proudly raising two Padawan learners alongside his queen. John loves loud action movies, cold beer, and all things geek. He’s also the coolest boss around, and yes that is his real hair.


VP of Sales

Possessor of the greatest Walking Dead Doll (I mean action figure) collection

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Aspiring BBQ pit master and amateur chef, Josh loves all things food, music, and tech: including but not limited to techno and Sriracha hot sauce. He literally puts that on everything, including his bio.


Account Manager

Number one suggestor of places to eat

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Michael resides in beautiful Oklahoma with his family. He enjoys trying out new virtual backgrounds in video calls, it makes him feel like he is anywhere else but Oklahoma.


Account Manager

Oklahoma is the place for him

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Betsy is the BA of Sales Assisting and Processing. There is no task she can't fulfill. When she’s not working her tail off to fulfill orders, she enjoys spending time with her daughters (Mini BA's in training). She loves watching mindless reality TV especially The Walking Dead and hopes one day to be Norman Reedus' Wife….


Sales Operations

The future Mrs. Daryl Dixon

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When Jeanine’s not “spinning” her legs off, at spin class to the beat of her favorite electronic dance music, she also enjoys "pinning" on Pinterest. She practices balancing work, family, fitness, creativity and relationships. Including, rest….with a good Netflix binge and great food like chocolate. She and John grew the hummingbird nest from a 2 (wo)man operation to one of the leading networking equipment suppliers in Southern California.



The most adulty adult

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Jason likes Long walks on the beach at sunset, a good cry after watching a Katherine Heigl ROM-COM, candlelight dinners, fine wines and chocolate. When not helping you create a network you love, Jason likes relieving stress by working in his organic garden.


Account Manager

Gentle Giant

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For Todd, "Projects" seems to be his Hummingbird forte. Bringing to the birds nest over 15 years of wireless/cellular experience along with talents, patience, good looks and charm, (He wrote that) he enjoys humor and loves to help us birds in the nest with anything and everything. While he knows that a hummingbird can flap 50 times per second, Todd admits that his flap (mouth) can probably do twice that when he comes back to the office with his four shots of espresso from Starbucks or Coffee Bean.


Special Projects

Altoid distributor

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Gina is like the mother of Hummingbird Networks. Going onto 10 years of working at the nest, she has helped build the family of employees we have here. When she isn't taking care of her Hummingbird family, she's at home taking care of her two little birdies (daughters) and her little hatchling (grand-daughter) alongside her husband. She loves tattoos and all things colorful (like her hair) and fun. And above all, her favorite thing is anything Disney! Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate's life for her!


Office Manager

Starbucks connoisseur

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Kaitlyn of the House Cadiente, the First of her name, the Assistant, Queen of Shipping, Queen of the Website, the Spreadsheets, and the Data Entry, Lord of the Warehouse Kingdom, Protector of the Filing, Khaleesi of the Great Hummingbird Networks, Breaker of Coffee Consumption, and Mother of Projects.


Sales Operations

Queen of the warehouse

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Ashley - Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager



Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager

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As an avid fan and supporter of Daryl Dixon, Melanie feels very prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. When she is not preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, she enjoys binge watching television shows, going to concerts, traveling and cooking.


Account Manager

Number one choice for our zombie apocalypse team

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Emily works in the accounting department here at HBN and is our local rabbit whisperer. As a part-time hobby farmer, Emily spends her free time growing her virtual crops. She also enjoys sculpting fake food but onyl eats real food.



Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager

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Max is usually doing one of two things: working out or hanging out in the sun. When he’s not at his computer “fiddling on the internet”, he loves to go to the beach, hike, and get away on as many vacations as possible. If you need any tips on how to take care of plants, he is your guy.


Marketing and Social Media

He's cut back his workouts to only 2x a day

What sets us apart


With our large selection of IT equipment and multiple distribution centers, we guarantee to get you the solutions you need when you need them. At Hummingbird Networks, we have no call centers. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will listen to your needs and develop a strategic plan to accomplish your goals. Our round the clock service ensures your quote or information request will be answered immediately and provides you with consistent next day delivery of best in class networking equipment.


Our top tier partnerships include some of the biggest names in networking,Cisco, HPE, Adtran, Netgear, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, and more... Due to the strong relationships we have built with these manufacturers, we are able to offer you the best pricing and exclusive offers not seen anywhere else. You can rest assure that your account manager will work tirelessly to negotiate the best deal and act as a buffer from the unnecessary up-sell.


We won’t quiz you on every piece of equipment you have in your network, we want to get to know your emerging concerns and current environment to give you advice on what will best fit your needs. Our engineers and account managers have upwards of 30 years in the industry, encountering and solving almost every issue imaginable. The team of experts at Hummingbird Networks can help you design the most sustainable and efficient network. Let us create a network you will love.

End to End IT Solutions

Hummingbird Networks is your go-to for all things networking. From hardware, software, cabling, and data storage to design, installation, connectivity, and management, we do it all. We also offer industry leading financing and warranties for all of our products. Don’t call a dozen different vendors when we can take care of all of your networking needs from start to finish.


We’re not here just to sell you IT equipment; we want to provide you with an arsenal of tools to help reach your networking objectives. Our goal is to create and share fresh content that will keep you in the know. From our blog, to our free guides, to our exclusive webinars with the top manufacturers, we promise to deliver you the most up to date information and get you an inside look at the latest technology.