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Modern Network Security Cameras Are Easier Than Ever To Use

For years, premise security camera systems have been expensive, difficult to implement, and completely separate from a company's primary data network.  This could make their deployment, as well as ongoing digital backups and live streaming of the footage, extremely difficult and time-consuming.

However, networking revolutions have come to video surveillance systems.  The current generation of networked security cameras are just as powerful and reliable as previous standalone units, but no longer require separate setup and connections.  They can be attached to your network, vastly simplifying administration as well as archiving.  This also allows smaller businesses to enjoy high-quality security surveillance, without a huge investment into new hardware and hookups.

Hummingbird Networks offers the best in state-of-the-art networked security cameras, including:

Cisco Meraki

Meraki offers the simplest solution for all-in-one networked security with their MV series of cameras.  Intended for networks already running on Meraki, the MV security camera system features zero-touch deployment, and then everything is managed directly from the same Meraki Dashboard which controls all the rest of the network.  Thanks to Meraki's incredible ease-of-use, this makes it possible for even totally inexperienced admins to quickly implement a state-of-the-art surveillance system.


Ubiquiti represents robust IP-based security systems for everyone.  With prices low enough to compete, Ubiquiti makes it possible for even small businesses and startups to put a quality surveillance system in place.  Installing them is no more difficult than installing a WiFi access point, and direct Ethernet connections allow you to send their video feeds to any server or cloud drive you like.  

Keep Your Premises Secure With Hummingbird

Don't forget - strong network security means having strong real-world physical security systems as well.  Even the best in online protection can be subverted by a single person accessing a terminal they shouldn't.   With networked security systems, you can quickly and easily ensure proper video surveillance of your facilities.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more!