MS350 Switches

cisco meraki ms350 MS350- Meraki Switch 

MS350The Cisco Meraki MS350 is the latest addition to their Meraki switch line, and provides a range of excellent options in cloud-based networking for growing small-to-medium sized operations. Whether you're looking for an all-in-one box to provide the backbone of a small network or looking to expand your current Meraki network, the MS350 series provides more ability to scale than any other Meraki switch so far.

All entries in the MS350 Layer 3 switch series include 4 SFP+ 10-Gigabit uplinks and low 2.5ms latency, giving it excellent performance in demanding service environments. The MS350 is also the first Meraki switch to support physical stacking, as well as virtual. Via a rear connector port, up to eight MS350 units can be stacked together into a single logical whole for easy backbone expansion. A stacking cable is already included with every unit.

When deciding between MS350 units, you have your choice of:

  • 24 or 48 ports. with a throughput of 128Gbps or 178Gbps
  • Power-over-Ethernet support
  • 370W or 740W PoE power supplies (48-port model only)
  • 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10-year license and support options

Meraki brings unparalleled ease and power to business networking, thanks to their revolutionary cloud-based network architecture. Their mesh-based network fabric is self-configuring and self-healing, able to instantly provision new hardware with common configuration settings and add its abilities to the network whole. The cloud-based network system means Meraki can defeat the scaling problems associated with other virtualized networks, with the capability to scale seamlessly up to thousands of units distributed around the world.

The Meraki Dashboard system ties it all together with a single-pane-of-glass interface that gives total oversight and control over a Meraki network, no matter how large or small. It can -and does- effectively manage some of the largest business networks in the world, while still being simple enough that a networking newcomer could handle it. Live software updates even ensure every piece of Meraki hardware is always up-to-date with no administration burdens. Meraki brings the best of all worlds.

Plus, your fully-licensed Meraki product comes with a lifetime hardware warranty, with replacements, and unlimited free technical assistance. With Meraki, support doesn't cost extra.

You can download the Cisco Meraki MS350 datasheet here. Read on for more product and license details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today for more advice on how to build the perfect Meraki network for your business.