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MS350-48The Cisco Meraki MS350-48 is an excellent all-around entry in the Meraki switch line of mesh-based network hardware. It's equally well-suited as a first device for a small business wanting a switch they can grow into, or in a variety of roles throughout a larger business that's already deployed Meraki hardware.

As with all Meraki hardware, the MS350-48 is fully mesh-based with a cloud architecture that allows every device to see and communicate with every other, regardless of geographical location. Installation and deployment is truly plug-and-play. The network detects and configures each device, adding its capabilities to the network whole. Additionally, the MS350-48 also allows local stacking of up to eight units, with included stacking cables, bringing simple local scalability.

The Meraki MS350-48 has forty-eight separate Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with four non-shared 10-Gigabit SFP+ uplinks. The maximum non-blocked switching capacity is 178Gbps, allowing it to function well in data-hungry modern offices. Administration has never been easier, thanks to the Meraki Dashboard single-pane-of-glass interface. From global overviews to granular per-app traffic control, administration of the MS350-48 is so simple it needs no particular expertise to operate. Plus, properly-licensed units receive lifetime warranties with unlimited tech support.

Follow the links below for full product specs and to explore your licensing options. You can also download the MS350-48 datasheet here. Or, contact Hummingbird Networks directly for a free future-focused consultation on your Meraki networking options.