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Keep Yourself Safe From End To End With Endpoint Security Options From Hummingbird Networks

The best network security setup is one which covers every aspect of your network, from the outer boundaries down to each user and user device on and off your network.  Advanced endpoint security goes far beyond simple anti-virus software.  It's about doing everything possible to keep users safe, as well as preventing them from accidentally allowing malevolent software onto the larger network.

Hummingbird Networks offers advanced endpoint security systems from the two world leaders in safe networking:  Cisco and Sophos.  Both take different approaches to providing enterprise-grade protections, but either could be trusted to keep your systems safe against the newest and most advanced attacks.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Cisco AMP is a software-based solution that leverages the power of cloud computing and massive analysis systems.  Cisco has one of the world's largest groups dedicated to spotting, monitoring, and tearing down live malware in the wild - the Talos Group.  Every day, they observe millions of live malware reports, allowing them to create new malware definitions and push them to AMP users in record time.  The moment Talos cracks a new attack type, all AMP users benefit.  While the industry average for recognition and defense against new malware types can be weeks, Cisco AMP averages six hours.  

Sophos Endpoint Security

Sophos offers two separate software products for dealing with malware threats:

Central Endpoint Advanced is a true end-to-end network oversight system, from your network edge down to each user device.  Rather than relying entirely on definitions, Sophos Central uses smart heuristics to detect malware based on activity, allowing it to theoretically catch brand-new attacks before they're even officially recognized.  

Intercept X is focused entirely on cryptographic and "ransomware" attacks.  It monitors your network for unauthorized cryptographic behavior and shuts it down before it does any real damage, while backtracking to find the source of the attempted encryption. 

Hummingbird Networks Wants To Keep Your Systems Safe

There are a lot of choices in network security today, spread between hardware and software options.  Which is right for you?  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a full evaluation of your security and recommendations on the best solutions for your business.