Power Protection & Rack Enclosures

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Maintain Superior Uptime With Hummingbird Power Protection Solutions

Having the right hardware for your network is only part of the story when it comes to maintaining up-time.  Having the right backup and redundancy systems in place to keep that hardware functioning properly is the other part.  The more your business has invested in its network hardware, the more vital it is to have support systems designed to ensure up-time.

Hummingbird Networks carries a full range of products from Tripplite and APC - the world leaders in computer systems protections.  From battery backups to specialty rack enclosures, and  solutions are an excellent choices to help prevent outages, and disasters which could otherwise cripple a network.

We carry Power Protection solutions from the following trusted brands: 

Tripplite          APC

Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supplies or also known as battery backups, guarantee that your equipment stays online, even during a power outage.  With battery capacities ranging from minutes to days, you have plenty of choices in deciding how much up-time you want to maintain in the face of power loss.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Power distribution units guarantee the proper flow of power to every device attached, no matter its power requirements. PDUs can come in many sizes, configurations, and wattage\voltage ranges to ensure there's a good solution available for any physical hardware layout.  These are a vital protection against power fluctuations causing damage to delicate equipment.


Server racks should be designed to fit your specific network needs and not the other way around. We carry server racks from trusted brands such as Tripp Lite and APC with tailored to fit your exact environment. From air conditioned server racks, to budget friendly rack cabinets to deep enclosure racks, we can help find the solution for your network. 

Keyboard, Video & Mouse Switches (KVM) And Consoles

KVM switches and consoles allow you to control multiple servers through a single interface, potentially even hundreds at once.  These can greatly streamline many server maintenance and configuration activities, as well as providing a full-featured backup interface should the primary administrative computer ever go down.  

Choose Hummingbird For The Long Haul

We don't just focus on your current needs here at Hummingbird, we look to the future and recommend hardware that will bring a long lifespan with superior ROI.  Contact us today for a full consultation on getting the most out of your hardware.