Maintenance Kits & Parts

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A printer maintenance kit is a set of replacement parts for your printer. Each printer has a maintenance period, which typically occurs after you print a set number of pages. Replacing worn down printer parts with the new parts in the maintenance kits helps ensure that your printers continue to run smoothly and function at their very best long-term.

Moving parts need replacing with use and time. Maintenance kits, sometimes called PM kits or preventative maintenance kits, usually consist of:

  • Fuser - which is the heating assembly that bonds toner to the fibers of the paper
  • transfer roller - helps transfer toner from the toner cartridge onto the paper
  • various feed rollers, pickup rollers, separation rollers and separation pads

We carry a variety of maintenance kits and part options from Brother, HP, and Lexmark, that will be sure to meet your printing needs.

HP's goal is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — around the globe. HP printer maintenance kits ensure your HP printer remains in working condition and continues providing your workers with the highest print quality possible.

Lexmark creates innovative imaging technologies that help customers worldwide achieve their vision of print simplicity, security, savings, and sustainability Lexmark delivers the highest performance at lower cost. Whether your business is one room or circles the globe, Lexmark offers the imaging solutions you need to succeed.

Rely on Brother for the proven products and solutions you need to solve everyday document management issues. They produce printers that closely fit the needs of a business, whether you are working from home or in a small office. Brother is a premier vendor of home office and business products, having imaging solutions to meet the needs of everyone.

To learn more about maintenance kits and parts, click through to the printer buying guide page or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for information.