Fiber Switch

fiber switch optical switch

As your network grows, the amount of hardware involved can become a barrier to efficient and optimized network operations.  In certain situations, a fiber switch is the answer.  These distribution-level aggregation switches take the burden off the backbone by connecting multiple edge-level devices and combining them into a single data stream.  This greatly reduces the burden on the top-rack server and allows more efficient distribution of bandwidth across a large number of users and devices.

A fiber switch also comes with multiple redundancy options, such as power and fans for continued service.  They commonly include software onboard to optimize particular types of data as well, such as handling the QOS/MOS/VQM systems used for VoIP processing. Not every business needs a fiber switch, but in many situations, adding an additional layer of network processing can actually improve overall speeds and responsiveness to increasing productivity.

Hummingbird Networks carries a full line of top-grade fiber switches from Cisco, Meraki, ADTRAN, NETGEAR, HP, and more.  Contact us today for a free consultation on your networking needs and whether a fiber switch could be the answer to your topographical challenges.