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SIP Gateways From Hummingbird Networks Allow Easy Transitions To VoIP

A SIP gateway, also known as a VoIP gateway or business gateway, is an invaluable piece of hardware for businesses looking to transition into company-wide VoIP service or to full Unified Communications setups.  With SIP gateway hardware from Hummingbird Networks, you can establish a link translating between your internal IP network and the outside copper-wire phone service.  In some cases, you can also get PBX functionality, allowing you to take greater direct control over your communications system.

Modern SIP gateways contain interfaces for both VoIP and copper-wire phone systems, along with support for faxes and dial-up modems, allowing you to smoothly transition your systems over as needed.


adtran sip gateway Provides A Full Range of SIP Options

ADTRAN is one of the leaders in providing SIP gateways at prices that put them within reach of businesses of any size. Their Total Access hardware line is easy to configure, and comes in a variety of port configurations that support businesses of all sizes.  Whether your operation is just starting out, or already has a large established communications network, an ADTRAN SIP Gateway can smoothly enable a transition into VoIP telephony.

ADTRAN also provides the security features you need, including a built-in firewall, session border controller (SBC) and encrypted VPN support.  Robust traffic-shaping features, such as Quality-of-Service prioritization, allow you to ensure your VoIP communications receive proper priority across your network.

Cisco Gateway

Cisco Unified communications enables organizations to collaborate more effectively and streamline business processes. Reach the right resource the first time. Improve productivity and profitability. Even in an IP world, however, many organizations still use analog devices such as phones, faxes, and modems, and want or need to continue to after migration to IP telephony.

The Cisco VG Series is ideal for analog phone deployments ranging from centralized to sparsely concentrated or distributed topologies. These analog voice gateways provide a high level of availability at locations with MGCP fallback, with ease of manageability using Cisco IOS Software monitoring features. They offer many supplementary analog calling features depending on the call control and signaling type used.

Hummingbird Networks can make a transition to VoIP and Unified Communications simple.  Contact us today for a full consultation on your telephony needs or to ask us questions about our SIP/VoIP gateway solutions.