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Cisco Unified communications enables organizations to collaborate more effectively and streamline business processes. Reach the right resource the first time. Improve productivity and profitability. Even in an IP world, however, many organizations still use analog devices such as phones, faxes, and modems, and want or need to continue to after migration to IP telephony. Important use cases for analog Cisco voice gateways include:

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● Budget constraints during migration to unified communications: You don’t have to replace your entire phone system as you move to unified communications. Cisco VG Series Gateways help you migrate at your own pace and budget: you can enjoy the benefits of unified communications and still use your existing analog devices.

● Meeting regulatory requirements: Many countries or industry markets require analog devices in certain use cases. Using Cisco VG Series, these organizations can still meet regulatory requirements but also have the benefits of unified communications.

● Environments that require phone service but do not have power and require long loop lengths: Examples include ranger stations, phones along railroad tracks, and some military deployments such as remote outposts.

● Harsh environments: Industries such as mining and manufacturing have harsh environments in which analog phones often have better endurance.

● Requirements for lighter IT infrastructure: Analog phones need fewer switch ports and have no power requirements.

The VG Series Cisco gateways are ideal for analog phone deployments ranging from centralized to sparsely concentrated or distributed topologies. These Cisco analog voice gateways provide a high level of availability at locations with MGCP fallback, with ease of manageability using Cisco IOS Software monitoring features. They offer many supplementary analog calling features depending on the call control and signaling type used. Contact us for more information on how we can help you acquire the right equipment and service for your business today.