Color Laser Printers

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Not only are color laser printers fast, but their paper capacity is large too, so there is no need to continually refill the paper tray in the middle of a print job. Since they are built for larger print jobs, laser printers are also less likely to jam and cause a disruption in the print process.

Color laser printers try to bridge the gap between black and white laser printers (which are very fast) and inkjet printers (which print color, especially photos, very well). At this they mostly succeed. Color laser printers combine the speed of black and white laser printers with the ability to print in full color, as inkjet printers can. Printing documents in color takes longer, though it is often faster than inkjets and less expensive.

We carry a full line of color laser printers from HP and Lexmark. Both are top brands and a variety of options to meet your needs.

HP printers have uncompromising quality and unmatched in-box value. HP printers produce consistent, professional two-sided documents you expect from HP with 1000 pages of toner right out of the box. HP Printers are designed for individuals or small teams who need affordable, reliable multifunction performance in a compact and easy-to-use desktop device.

One of the best choices for office and home printing is a Lexmark printer. Lexmark’s new generation of workgroup color printers support industry-specific solutions, while bringing you new ways of saving toner, paper, packaging, energy, and steps. They can even save the day when you are on a roll and cannot afford downtime.

Anyone who wants fast, cheap color printing and can compromise on space and photo quality can use a color laser printer. To learn more about Color Laser Printers, click through to the printer buying guide page or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for information.