Intercept X


Sophos Intercept X is a software-based addition to your Sophos hardware, which integrates directly into your Sophos Central Dashboard.  Intercept X focuses on detecting, preventing, and segregating malware, ransomware, and other exploits which can be crippling to your network.   It is designed to work alongside and augment your existing anti-virus and anti-malware software to provide additional security.

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Sophos Intercept X offers several key additions to your security:

  • Anti-Exploit Technology which detects and blocks malicious software and payloads, even "zero day" exploits which have yet to be officially patched by software providers.
  • CryptoGuard Ransomware Prevention spots unauthorized cryptographic activity, stopping and reverting affected files invisibly.  It works at the file system level, constantly guarding your files against attack.
  • Root Cause Analysis backtracks malicious events, creating a timeline of the attack which can lead admins to uncover the root cause of their problem.
  • Sophos Clean acts much like a traditional anti-malware system, finding and eradicating ongoing malware programs as they run.
  • Detects new and unseen malware using predictive "Deep Learning" technology.

Intercept X should not be confused with Central Endpoint Advanced, as they are two separate products.  They can each be used separately, or in conjunction to provide a superior layer of software-based protections on top of your hardware security.

Malicious exploits - particularly ransomware - are among the biggest threats a modern network faces.  Sophos Intercept X is one of the only products on the market capable of detecting and preventing such intrusions, even before they've been officially recognized and documented by other security authorities.

To make Intercept X part of your own security systems, contact Hummingbird Networks today to discuss the benefits of Sophos security sophos intercept xproducts.