Central Endpoint Advanced

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Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced

Hardware firewalls are an absolute necessity in modern network security - but they aren't the only piece of the security puzzle.  A truly secure network needs comprehensive coverage, from the network edges down to the user level.  Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced accomplishes this, adding a robust layer of additional security at the level of your end-user computers and other devices.

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Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced is not a hardware product; it's a license-based software module that directly integrates into your Sophos Central Dashboard.  It is intended to replace any other existing endpoint solutions which may be integrated into your network or desktop hardware, because it offers far superior superiority to such "off the shelf" solutions.

Central Endpoint Advanced goes far beyond simple signature-based systems.  It analyses the data and activity on your network constantly, watching for threats, while also giving the admin total control over permitted activities and websites.  Among its advanced features:

  • Constant web usage monitoring, including reputation-based flags, to give the most reliable possible overview of safe browsing.
  • Extensive web black\white-listing options to protect and control users' browsing habits.
  • Peripheral USB \ Bluetooth monitoring.
  • Live anti-malware file scanning.
  • Automated malware removal.
  • Pre-execution file behavioral analysis.
  • Unwanted application recognition and blocking.
  • Malicious traffic detection and blocking.
  • Small updates and rapid scanning to prevent network lag or slowdown.

Central Endpoint Advanced should not be confused with Intercept X.  Each software product provides different protections, and can be either used separately or in conjunction.  Used together, they provide an absolutely unparalleled level of security, particularly in combination with Sophos hardware security appliances.

Few security solutions on the market provide anything like the comprehensive coverage that come with Sophos hardware and software packages in combination.  To learn more about how Sophos can keep your entire network safe, without unnecessary slowdown, contact Hummingbird Networks today! Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced