MS350-48FPThe Cisco Meraki MS350-48FP is the top of the Meraki MS350 series, featuring top-grade speeds as well as plenty of PoE+ power to drive your downstream devices. You get forty-eight PoE-ready Gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as four 10-Gigabit uplinks, with 178Gbps of Layer 3 switching capacity. The total PoE+ power pool is 740W, allowing it to support large deployments of Internet appliances.

No network is as simple to expand and administer as a Meraki switch! The MS350-48FP features plug-and-play local stacking, up to eight units. The cables are included in every package. The cloud-based mesh architecture allows your Meraki network to automatically detect and configure any new hardware, anywhere in the world, while self-optimizing for best use of the available equipment. Meraki has created a network that can largely manage itself with minimal human oversight - it even downloads its own software updates.

Administration is handled through the Meraki Dashboard, a single-pane-of-glass interface that requires no specific technical knowledge to operate. Even a newcomer can quickly set up global policies, oversee operations, or start shaping traffic with granular per-app Layer 7 policies. This interface is available wherever you need it, including web browsers and mobile devices. If any problems occur, a properly-licensed MS350-48FP has unlimited technical support along with lifetime hardware warranties.

Meraki cloud-based networking is the future, and Hummingbird Networks is proud to be a fully-certified partner. Read on for full product details and licensing options. Or, click here for the MS350-48FP datasheet.

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