MS210 Switches

cisco meraki ms210meraki ms210

The new Cisco Meraki MS210 lineup of switches are diverse, multi-purpose switching solutions built around high reliability and simple expandability. Intended for medium-to-large scale operations, MS210 switches can simplify every aspect of your day-to-day network management while leaving you plenty of room to grow. 

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There are five different options in the MS210 lineup, to meet a variety of needs:

The key feature of MS210 switches is their stacking.  They support both physical and virtual stacking, allowing logical stacks with up to 80Gbps of throughput.  As with all Meraki installations, stacking is a simple procedure that only takes moments, and requires no downtime or other disruption to your network.  Meraki is the true plug-and-play solution for high-end, highly-scalable networking.  

Because Meraki is cloud-based, nearly all setup and operation is highly simplified.  Installing any new piece of Meraki hardware is truly a five-minute process, if that.  Just plug it in, and register its serial numbers in the system.  That's it.  The hardware pulls down its configuration from the cloud, while slotting seamlessly into an overall mesh architecture that automatically reconfigures itself to make optimal use of every attached device.

Likewise, day to day administration is simplified as well.  The streamlined Meraki Dashboard GUI gives you all the power you'd expect from a command line interface, but in a form which virtually anyone can learn to use quickly.  You still get full oversight of your network from top to bottom, including "Layer 7" visibility and control over individual user apps and their permissions.  With the Meraki Dashboard, a CLI is simply unnecessary.

Each is backed up by four SFP+ Gigabit uplinks.  The MS210 series also supports an optional redundant power supply, sold separately, for additional reliability while in use.

Meraki can revolutionize networks of any size, while allowing them to scale upwards endlessly.  Read on for more details on individual products, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for more information on the Meraki MS210 lineup.