meraki ms210-48LPcisco meraki ms210-48LP

The Cisco Meraki MS210-48LP is an excellent switching solution for medium-to-large sized offices that need to support a large number of users along with attached PoE appliances, in a form that can provide long-term reliability.  As one of the newest additions to the Meraki lineup, the MS410-48LP fills in this gap in their product catalog while demonstrating new reasons to embrace the Meraki architecture. 

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The MS210-48LP features forty-eight PoE-enabled Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with a total power supply of 370W.  This allows it to host a good balance of users and appliances or WiFi access points, while ensuring all their needs are met.  However, the MS210-48LP is distinguished by its support for a secondary redundant power supply that ensures continuity of service in mission-critical roles.

Additionally, the MS210-48LP is exceptionally easy to expand - even by Meraki standards.  It supports both virtual and physical stacking with other MS210-series products, for stacks of up to 80Gbps in capacity.  As with all Meraki devices, deploying new hardware is simple.  Their cloud-based shared configurations allow for true plug-and-play installation and setup.  Simply plug in the device, register its serial numbers, and everything else happens automatically.

When users want to take direct control of their MS210-48LP, the robust Meraki Dashboard GUI makes it simple.  This single-pane-of-glass interface gives total overview and configuration access to an entire Meraki network, no matter how large or geographically diverse.  Everything from universal security settings, to device-level QoS tweaks, to individual application access can be configured quickly and easily.  As much work as possible is taken off administrators' shoulders, so they can spend their time overseeing their network rather than twiddling with configurations.

Meraki is setting new standards in power, flexibility, and ease-of-use in enterprise-grade networking.  Look below for more details on individual products and accessories, or just contact Hummingbird Networks directly for more information.