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The Cisco Meraki MS210-24P is a superior option for small-to-medium sized offices that need a lot of switching power in a small package, with high levels of reliability and expandability, and with solid PoE support as well.  The MS210-24P is an all-around superior switching option in its size class, with plenty of features that make it valuable in a multitude of roles depending on the size of your network. 

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The MS210-24P has twenty-four Gigabit Ethernet ports, all PoE-enabled, with four Gigabit SFP+ uplink ports.  The total power budget for the PoE is 370W, allowing the MS210-24P to keep plenty of connected appliances powered up.  In addition, it has high levels of physical -and virtual- stacking support for a switch its size, allowing you to create stacks with up to 80Gbps of throughput simply and easily.  

Plus, if you need to put the MS210-24P into mission-critical applications, it supports an (optional) redundant power supply.

Like all Meraki hardware, the MS210-24P is exceedingly easy to deploy, configure, and administrate on a day-to-day basis.  Meraki's proprietary cloud-based system allows it to self-configure upon being attached to the network, with installation truly being a plug-and-play procedure.  It automatically communicates with the other Meraki devices on your network, self-optimizing for maximum performance.

However, you still have plenty of manual control as well.  The Meraki Dashboard gives you an easy-to-use GUI interface for overseeing and configuring every aspect of the device, as well as your larger network.  Everything from creating security policies, to running  reports, to tweaking your QoS priorities is simple and straightforward.  No matter how large your Meraki network grows, the Meraki Dashboard still gives you total control over it.

Is the Meraki MS210-24P the right choice for your growing network?  Read on for further information on the product and accessories, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly to learn more.