meraki ms210-48meraki switches

The MS210-48 is one of the newest Cisco-Meraki switches, aimed at filling a gap in their product lineup for mid-sized organizations that need a high-powered switch with superior expandability and overall reliability.  What sets this forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet port switch apart from other options in its category is its superb stacking support.  

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It can seamlessly stack with other MS210-series switches, either physically or virtually, to create stacks with up to 80Gbps in throughput.  Additionally, it has support for an optional second redundant power supply, making it a good choice for mission-critical applications where failure is not an option. 

Combined, these give it additional versatility not often found in similar Gigabit Ethernet switches, and the ability to perform well in a wide range of roles without failing.

Of course, Meraki networks are notable for how fail-safe they tend to be.  Their self-optimizing network architecture means they're able to instantly work around any hardware failures with a minimum of disruption to the network as a whole.  Likewise, when a new piece of hardware is added, they're able to seamlessly integrate it while making the most of its capabilities.  Few networks are as simple to deploy, expand, and configure as Meraki setups.

This makes them a truly admin-friendly option in networking.  The simplified Meraki Dashboard is an all-in-one GUI that gives total access and control over a Meraki network, regardless of its size or geographic distribution.  From high-level reporting to app-level security permissions, the system is easy to learn and easy to configure.

Admins don't even have to worry about updates, because their Meraki network will automatically -and seamlessly- update itself from the cloud whenever new patches are available.

Meraki is revolutionizing how businesses handle networking, and your operation could be next.  More product and accessory details are available below, or just contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.