meraki ms210-24meraki switches

For small-to-midsized offices looking for a highly flexible entry point into Cisco Meraki switching, the Meraki MS210-24 could be an excellent choice.  This small 1RU switch offers a lot of flexibility, superior expandability, and superb reliability with the addition of an (optional) redundant power supply.  

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Unusually for a switch of this price range, the MS210-24 has robust stacking capabilities.  It supports both virtual and physical stacking, and can be stacked with other MS210-series units for up to 80Gbps in total throughput.  By combining several MS210 switches into a single stack, administrators gain greater ease of configuration and the ability to smoothly increase their network's capacity without hassle. 

It is always simple to add new hardware to a Meraki network, thanks to its cloud-enabled mesh architecture.  Deploying new hardware is as simple as plugging in the new device and registering its serial numbers.  Then the network automatically configures it and optimizes it for best performance.

Further, updates to a Meraki network are also entirely hands-free.  The system updates itself without any interruption or downtime, whenever a new update is made available.  This, by itself, significantly improves the security profile of any Meraki network.

Should you want direct control over your MS210-24, the Meraki Dashboard is a robust and easy-to-use GUI that gives total power to tweak and reconfigure your network at any level.  You get top-layer overviews of the complete network, no matter how large or widespread, as well as the ability to 'drill down' to any sublevel down to the application layer.  Few other brands offer such flexibility.

A Meraki MS210-24 could be an excellent way to move your network onto Meraki mesh-based systems.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more.