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cisco meraki ms410 MS410 - Meraki Switch

MS410The new Cisco Meraki MS410 line of Layer 3 aggregation switches is aimed squarely at growing medium-to-large scale operations heavily invested in 1GbE architecture. These combine the best of both worlds, allowing for both physical switching and stacking, along with full Meraki cloud-based networking and virtual stacking. Up to eight physical switches can be stacked, or mixed-and-matched in virtual stacks with thousands of ports.

The MS410 line has two options, the MS410-16 with sixteen ports and 72Gbps of capacity, or the MS410-32 with thirty-two ports and 144Gbps of capacity.

Meraki MS410

Meraki MS410 switches are perfect for a wide range of growing organizations, including larger offices, college branch campuses, hospitals, school districts, and other groups which may not have technical expertise on-site. The simple Meraki Dashboard management system and plug-and-play installation makes oversight easy, even for newcomers. A single GUI can manage Meraki networks of any size.

The MS410 line brings plenty of protection to your network as well, with integrated two-factor authentication, 802.1X port-based access control, DHCP snooping, as well as failover capabilities in case of emergency. Security can be set on a per-app, per-device, or network-wide basis with ease.

Investing in new network architecture is a big step, but Hummingbird is here to help. Contact us today, and we can organize a full in-office trial of a Cisco Meraki switch tailored to your needs so you can see the power of Meraki for yourself.

Or download the full Meraki MS410 datasheet here for more information.