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MS410-16The new Meraki MS410-16 is an excellent option for medium-to-large sized organizations who are just beginning to grow to the point an aggregation switch is necessary.

This Meraki switch features sixteen Gigabit-speed SFP ports, as well as two 10-Gigabit SFP+ uplink ports, with a total switching capacity of 72Gbps. All ports allow simple compatibility with a wide variety of writing types and standards, and there's an additional RJ-45 jack to allow direct management connections in case of network failure.

Meraki MS410-16Like other Meraki MS410 aggregation switches, The MS410-16 supports both physical and virtual stacking. This gives it significant versatility in deployment and scalability. Up to eight units can be stacked locally to create a robust local Gigabit-speed aggregation system, or else through the Meraki cloud-based virtualized system, hundreds of devices can be linked into a single manageable whole.

The MS410-16 is also an excellent choice for those relatively new to high-end network management due to the simplicity of the system. The Meraki Dashboard console allows single-pane-of-glass oversight over an entire Meraki network, regardless of size or complexity, while requiring remarkably little technical expertise. Anyone with basic Windows knowledge can learn to administer a Meraki network quickly.

A Meraki MS410-16 can easily take a mid-sized network to the next level, reducing bottlenecks in traffic flow and increasing responsiveness in downstream devices. It's recommended both for mid-sized businesses, as well as smaller universities, schools, hotels, and medical facilities.

From here, you can explore more details on the MS410-16 itself, or download its datasheet, as well as look into your options in licensing. Or if you're interested in trying out Meraki for yourself, just contact Hummingbird Networks. We'll set you up with a free in-office demo for evaluation.