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MS410-32The new Meraki MS410-32 aggregation switch fills a hole in Meraki's previous switch lineup, creating an option for high-end copper or fiber aggregation that doesn't require heavy investment in expensive 10-Gigabit technologies. The MS410-32 retains a focus on Gigabit-speed connections, which makes it a good all-around choice for a wide variety of mid-to-large sized organizations, including multi-site local franchises or offices, schools or universities of almost any size, hospitality providers, or healthcare facilities.

Out of the box, this Meraki switch features thirty-two Gigabit speed SFP ports, backed by four 10-Gigabit SFP+ ports. It boasts a total of 144Gbps is switching capacity. This can be boosted further with its superior stacking options. Up to eight units can be stacked together locally into a single physical system with superior internal routing capability, or else hundreds -or even thousands- of units can be virtually stacked into a logical whole regardless of location or proximity.

Meraki MS410-32As this is a high-priority piece of hardware, Meraki has made sure to treat it like potentially mission-critical networking equipment. It features dual redundant fans and power supplies, which are both hot-swappable and easily replaced in the field without downtime. Should some sort of emergency occur, the MS410-32 also features an RJ-45 Ethernet port for direct management connections.

And as part of the Meraki family, it meshes seamlessly with all of their other products to create the most easily-managed and self-healing network on the market today.

From this page, you can further explore the MS410-32 by downloading its data sheet, looking at its product page for more specifics, or investigating your licensing options. Alternatively, if you're curious about Meraki but aren't sure if it's right for your business, Hummingbird Networks can set up a free trial for you. Just contact us for the details.