Meraki Security Cameras

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Cisco Meraki Security Cameras – MV Series

With the new Meraki MV security cameras line, security systems have become far easier to deploy and maintain.

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Cisco Meraki cameras utilize the exact same groundbreaking cloud-based technology that backs Meraki network hardware.  For those already utilizing the Meraki dashboard, deployment is zero-touch.  Plug in the camera, register its serial number and license, and it automatically configures to work with the network.  There is NO additional hardware required -just your existing Meraki network- and NO standalone software packages, and NVR’s (network video recorders) and to deploy and maintain.

Each camera is fully self-contained, including a 128GB flash storage chip capable of holding nearly three weeks worth of footage.  With cloud-based video surveillance systems, access happens through the standard Meraki Dashboard, making these cameras as easy-to-manage as a WiFi deployment.  They can be easily viewed either locally or remotely, and adding more coverage is as simple as adding more cameras. 

You have your choice of either indoor (MV21), (MV12) and (MV32) or outdoor (MV71) & MV72 models.  Check out the product details, or download a full product spec sheet here.