MV Sense


Cisco Meraki MV Sense  Meraki MV Cameras

MV Sense is a radical new software upgrade that adds human-recognition and machine learning to your MV12, MV22, or MV72 Meraki security cameras.

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Modern Meraki MV-series cameras are more than just cameras - they come equipped with Smartphone-quality processors and sensors.  MV Sense leverages this to offer analytical tools which, previously, were only available on the most high-end of security systems.  With MV Sense licenses attached to your cameras, they can track individual numbers of visitors, create heatmaps of movement patterns, do counts of people within crowds, and more!  MV Sense keeps track of both historical aggregates, as well as real-time feeds, to give you a highly accurate picture of people's movements around your property.  

However, the true power of MV Sense comes from its simple and flexible set of APIs, which allow MV Sense data to be sent to and from third party applications.  By combining MV Sense's smart tracking with your own code, the potential applications are nearly limitless.

MV Sense could keep historical totals of people employed at a worksite, and send you a warning if it detects an abnormal number of people.  Or, it could be hooked up to an in-store display, and set to automatically trigger special promotional messages based on the number of people detected nearby.  The software could even be used for crowd-tracking by organizations such as schools which need to keep close tabs on everyone within their purview.

Like all Meraki software solutions, MV Sense is sold separately as a license, and integrates directly into your Meraki Dashboard.  Even if you don't leverage the APIs, you still get a wealth of new data, as well as new ways to oversee your property.

Meraki MV-series cameras are revolutionizing business security systems, and MV Sense takes that another step beyond.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more!