Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

ubiquiti edgerouter ubiquiti router

Designed for businesses of all sizes in need of robust, capable, and powerful routing solutions which won't break their upgrade budget, Ubiquiti EdgeRouter products are turning heads by offering enterprise-grade capabilities at low price points.  EdgeRouter is truly advanced routing technology for the masses.

With even low-end models processing 1 million packets per second at Gigabit speeds, and high-end models able to process 2 million PPS or more, EdgeRouter products have the capacity to handle your business demands.  Alongside these routing capabilities, EdgeRouter products offer high-end features including a DHCP server, QoS prioritization, built-in firewall protection, and customizable dynamic or static routing.

Ubiquiti also sets themselves apart with the ease of configuring and overseeing all their products.  All networked Ubiquiti products can be administrated through one single easy-to-use GUI.  No other product at such low prices offers this feature, which allows even inexperienced administrators to quickly build a robust Enterprise-level network.  Switches, routers, WiFi, and more can all be overseen and configured in one place.  For power users, a CLI is also available for rapidly issuing commands.

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There are four options in the EdgeRouter line:

Through Ubiquiti, businesses of all sizes are waking up to how easy and affordable modern networking has become.  And with a full range of networking products, it has never been more affordable to implement a truly cutting-edge network across an office.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more!