Ubiquiti EdgePoint Edge Control Products

The EdgePower 24V 72W is a highly advanced and sophisticated power supply system that operates on a 24V DC voltage, offering a substantial power output of 72W. This cutting-edge device is equipped with a comprehensive UNMS (Ubiquiti Network Management System) monitoring and management feature, ensuring seamless control and oversight of the power supply operations. One of the key highlights of the EdgePower 24V 72W is its integrated battery backup functionality. This innovative feature allows for uninterrupted power supply, even in the event of a sudden power outage or disruption. These exceptional products offer Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) a hassle-free and straightforward solution for their power supply needs. With a convenient 24V redundant power supply, these products not only ensure reliable and uninterrupted power delivery but also come equipped with a comprehensive management user interface. This user interface empowers WISPs to effortlessly monitor and control their power supply, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. Furthermore, these products feature a user-friendly 12V battery backup charger, enabling WISPs to maintain a reliable power source even during unforeseen power outages. This backup charger seamlessly integrates with the overall power supply system, providing a seamless transition to battery power when needed. This invaluable feature ensures that critical operations can continue without interruption, safeguarding the smooth functioning of small sites. In addition to their impressive capabilities, these products boast multiple 24V outputs, catering to the diverse needs of small sites. This flexibility allows WISPs to efficiently distribute power amongst your network.