Meraki Firewall License

Meraki Licensecisco meraki license

Each Meraki firewall requires device-specific licensing. If you're in doubt, just contact us with your equipment list and we'll make sure you get the right Meraki license to keep your network running strong. We're a top rated Meraki partner and will deliver the best prices and fast processing on all Meraki license and Meraki license renewal orders. 

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MX67 | MX67W | MX67C | MX68 | MX68W | MX68CW

MX80 | MX84 | MX100 | MX250 | MX400 | MX450 | MX600

Within the MX-series of licenses, you also have your choice of either Enterprise or Advanced Security.

Enterprise License Includes: Advanced Security License Includes:
Stateful Firewall  All Enterprise Features Plus:
Site to Site VPN  Content Filtering
 Client VPN  Google SafeSearch
 Branch Routing  YouTube for Schools
 Link Bonding and Failover  Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
 Application Control  Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing
 Web Caching  Geo-based IP Rules

A fully-licensed Cisco Meraki security appliance can make a great mesh-based network even better. The MX Meraki license system already includes basic security, but full-fledged firewalls add significantly to your overall protection.

As with most Meraki hardware, you have your choice of 1, 3, 5 year terms. Additionally, every Meraki license brings 24x7 technical assistance and warranty coverage for the full length of the term. This support includes automatic updates for all security systems, including the firewall and anti-malware suites.